Melted Won Bok Cabbage, Yuba, Patina Potatoes in a Gingered Chicken Stock

It started off with a vegan version of soft won bok with oatmeal this morning for breakfast.  I hungered for more, so in menu development, I made a pot of what started out as overcooked, melted won bok, in chicken stock and ginger for myself on a very rainy day for the state of Hawaii.  I threw in some Patina potatoes from Waialua, and then asked for long rice. We didn’t have any, so a package of rope yuba was there for me to use.  I liked it as it looked like cooked chicken breast was shredded into the pot.  Sonny Acosta made some salt cured foie gras, and we ladled this “garbure” type stew on top of the foie gras slices.  Ono!   Then we pureed the broth along with some potato, cabbage, and yuba with a few slices of salt cured foie gras.  Ono soup!    Lastly, we grated the foie gras on top of the creation, as if we were doing it tableside.   I wanted to mentally take Sonny somewhere because, as he is looking for inspirations for his Bocuse d’Or dinner,  the flavors today were something that I think Paul Bocuse would have either liked or could resonate with.  What old timer wouldn’t want a hearty soup on a cold 60F Hawaiian day? Haha, I know its snowing on the mainland.

Melted Cabbage, Yuba, Foie Gras Emulsion,  Grated Foie Gras

A pretty spontaneous morning with this comforting idea of a hearty soup for my belly turning into something very decadent, rich, and more European than Asian-inspired.  This could possibly be a dish for Sonny’s upcoming Bocuse-themed dinner on March 28 at Alan Wong’s Honolulu.

~ AW